Monday, July 27, 2009

I love C-Span

Man I love C-Span. My radio alarm clock is set to C-Span, so that every morning I get to wake up to the sound of people politely disagreeing with each other, giving speeches, or -- my favorite -- calling in to "Washington Journal."

The ratio of insanos to normals that call in to Washington Journal is approximately 12 to 1, which is why I love and look forward to hearing that show every day. It doesn't matter what topic is being discussed, who is on the show, nothing-- Americans who badly need to refill their meds call in to discuss whatever the voices in their head want to talk about, and they do it at length.

Highlights include: Painfully long pauses; bitter, spitting rants; prolonged "uhhhh" sounds; blaring feedback from people who have their television on in the same room, hoping to hear themselves call in; and some of the best conspiracy theories I've ever heard in my life.