Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I Don't Own a TV

A jerk friend of mine just noted that it looked like I tried to hit the "I don't have a TV because I'm too cultured" red button that's supposedly some kind of hip-ass blogger secret handshake.

Allow me to clarify.

Many years ago, we had free cable. Then one day, the guys downstairs cancelled their cable, and suddenly the "free" cable we had been enjoying went away. Outrage!! We weren't about to start paying for cable, so we just broke out the rabbit ears and settled in to watch the one station that could make it all the way to our pathetic, ancient TV -- Fox 5.

6 months ago, that TV died while my roommate was watching baseball.

So eff you. I'm not cool, i'm just lazy and poor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hurricane Reality TV Show

Hurricane!!! AAAAGHHH!!!!

It's funny how isolated you are when you don't own a television. It means that you miss out on what half the fricking people around you are talking about...whether it be "Who Wants to Marry a Real World," or "White Guys in Suits Scream at Each Other," or the new reality show, "Hurricane!!"

Apparently, there's been a ton of hype about "Hurricane!!", because when i mentioned to a co-worker yesterday that I hadn't heard of it, she was like "are you an idiot? Hurricane is tomorrow!!" Then she went to go "stock up on supplies," beer or snacks or whatever I guess. But people seem excited about it.

My knee hurts.